Who still uses a Letterpress?

Before offset printing rose to popularity, many print shops relied exclusively on letterpresses to get the job done. Offset presses did not become obsolete when digital presses were introduced just as the letterpress did not vanish with the rise of offset printing.

windmill.jpgDesigners love the letterpress because it allows them to experiment with color and texture in ways that can’t be accomplished with an offset or digital press. These machines can emboss and add foil stamping, resulting in a uniquely detailed finished product. Many prefer the tactile nature of the craft to working exclusively with Photoshop. Printers still use letterpresses such as the Heidelberg Windmill for all sorts of materials, such as high-end wedding invitations, specialty business cards and stationary.

WireBids is a great place to hunt for  both letterpress equipment and offset equipment for your print shop operation. From furniture cabinets and typeset to the letterpress itself- you can find it on our website. We carefully curate our auctions to bring you top quality machines for your shop.

Check out this video below to learn more about how the letterpress process works:

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