How will I ship my equipment?

Many  WireBids bidders express concern about finding a reliable rigger to transport their used printing and bindery across the country. We have compiled a list of reputable riggers by region for you to contact regarding loading, rigging and shipping your used equipment. Give them a call before your auction ends.


Walker Brothers Machinery Moving, Inc. – Anaheim, CA, Fontana, CA

California Machinery Movers – Southern California

Lawson Dryage, Inc – Hayward, CA


H. Brown Inc. – Unice, LA

Continental Machinery Movers – Nashville, TN

ChrisCo Machinery, Inc. – Liberty, NC

T&D Machine Handling, Inc – Alpharetta, GA

Ft. Launderdale Transfer – Southern Florida


Arthur C. Lamb Co. Inc. – Canton, MA

Clancy Relocation and Logistics – New York and Connecticut

Industrial Transfer & Storage, Inc. – Southbridge, MA

A&A Machinery Moving and Sales – Morrisville, PA

Russell-Stimpson – Wilmington, MA


Diamond Rigging Corp. – Batavia, IL

Hennes Services – West Milwaukee, WI

Ed Regan Printing Machinery Movers – Indiana

Dobson Industrial Inc. – Bay City, MI

American Industrial Werks, Inc. – Schaumburg, IL

Phoenix Machinery Movers, Inc. – Shelby Township, MI

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