Cleveland Startup WireBids Helps Keeps Print Alive through Online Auction Platform.

WireBids is an online auction platform connecting buyers and sellers of used printing and bindery equipment all over the globe. This spring, the company will expand into the used packaging equipment industry.

Founders Christian Carson and Christopher Boggs saw the value in creating an auction platform to bring buyers and sellers together online. In 2011, the options available to auction used equipment were sparse. eBay was designed for small commercial transactions, not specialized equipment worth thousands. 

2011 saw the printing industry decline roughly 20%.  The industry was in the process of liquidation. The recession meant that businesses cut back on advertising and many print shops were forced to close their doors. WireBids found a way to save these assets from the junkyard through its dynamic auction platform. Equipment seekers from 152 countries can now secure quality used equipment at an affordable price, all online.

“We wanted to offer better service than the others. We offer targeted marketing for our clients and answer our phones. A lot of these Silicon Valley tech companies are trying to eliminate humans from the process. We’re doing the opposite, says Carson, a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Law.  “This is high stakes. You can’t leave it to an algorithm. When clients spend thousands on equipment to grow their business they expect you to pick up the phone.”

WireBids is hoping to deliver the same level of customer service and enthusiasm as it expands into the used packaging equipment industry.
Contact us for more information on buying and selling your commercial assets. WireBids is always happy to hear from used equipment dealers and printers looking to auction equipment.

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