3 Resources to Learn about the Printing Industry

Print Media Center

Print Media Center fosters communication within the industry. Their website is full of up-to the minute information on innovation and technology mixed with colorful content from thought leaders. They host a weekly #PrintChat on twitter, where industry leaders share their smarts about printing in an informal, fast paced discussion. Check out their global directory of all things printing.

Printing Impressions

Printing Impressions bills itself as “America’s Most Influential and Widely Read resource for the Printing Industry.” The organization highlights case studies, technological advancements trends throughout the graphic arts industry. Check out Julie Greenbaum’s “The Week that Was” where she highlights industry news and acquisitions.

Printing Industries of America

Printing Industries of America is the largest graphic arts trade association in the United States. The organization is dedicated to the advancement of the printing industry through research and education. WireBids is a member of the Ohio and Northern Kentucky chapter.  We’ve learned a lot as an organization through chapter meetings and roundtables. Click here to find a chapter in your area.

Bonus: YOU!

We are constantly learning from WireBids buyers and sellers. Our users are always alerting us of news in the equipment industry and sharing their successes with us. Contact us at (888) 229-5733 to learn how you can hold your own auction. Whether you have an entire shop or a few pieces, we will showcase your equipment to more than 10,000 users. We offer competitive rates and multi-channel advertising opportunities to get you the best price for your machinery. 

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