Your Questions, Answered: Part 1

I’ve seen this machine listed before? Why is this?

gbc_pro-tech_orca_iii_industrial_laminator_7-71.595fad69e2cbdThere are a few reasons you may see the same piece of equipment listed multiple times. One reason could be that the item was found not to be operational, pulled from the auction, repaired and added to another. Another reason could be because a buyer did not pay for the item or pick it up, despite our zero tolerance non-payment policy. Lastly, the item could have had a reserve that was not met. Sometimes people buy a machine, use it for several years and re sell it on WireBids.

How will I ship my equipment?

This is worked out between the buyer and seller. Many sellers outline how much they will charge to skid or prep the equipment for shipment on the auction’s terms or individual lot page. If not outlined, shipping is often the buyer’s responsibility. In most auctions, bidders can contact the seller directly during the auction to arrange shipping.

What happens if I don’t pay?

WireBids takes nonpayments very seriously. If the seller does not receive payment for your equipment your account will be in jeopardy of immediate removal. In some cases it cannot be helped and we will work the buyer and seller to come to a solution.

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