5 Things to Know About Fixed Price Listings

  1. Fixed Priced items are items available through the WireBids marketplace. Fixed priced listings mean that Untitled-2you can purchase the equipment you need whenever  you need it! No more waiting for auctions to end. 

  2. That means that you can make an offer or buy now, directly through the website. If you make an offer, that means that it is up to the seller to accept or reject your offer!

  3. Fixed Price listings are up for longer than auctions are. That means that they have more time to get the offer you want as a seller, or make the offer you want as a buyer.


  4. Combined auctions can be unpredictable. Sometimes putting an item into a combined auction is like putting a tomato in a fruit salad; technically a tomato is a fruit, but that doesn’t mean that it tastes good with other fruits (or that other fruits taste good with it!). A fixed price listing means that the seller does not have to worry about how the other items in the auction may, or may not, impact the value of their listing. We recommend fixed priced listings for items where the seller knows the value of the item, or cannot wait for the next combined auction to launch to list the item.

  5. Closing a fixed priced listing is exactly the same process as in an auction! The buyer receives their invoice, contacts the seller, and arranges payment and shipping.


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