3 Benefits of Getting Verified

First things first…

What is “Verified“?

  • A Verified WireBids user has completed an additional process to demonstrate the truth of their identity with WireBids. A user can do this through the Buyer Dashboard by providing the following information:
    • A credit/debit card on file
    • A valid government issued ID.
  • Once WireBids has received this information, we will Verify the account.*


The 3 Benefits of Getting Verified:

  1. Wondering why you can’t get in to bid on some auctions or lots? The seller may have blocked bidding to Verified users only. Getting Verified means that you may be permitted into exclusive auctions for which you qualify.
  2. Getting Verified may indicate that you are a more trustworthy user. Other users may be more likely to consider you as a buyer or seller because they know you are a real person.
  3. Avoid disputes or getting your account flagged by having your information on file. Crazy work schedule? Unreliable phone connection? If you are having trouble organizing payment with your seller, putting a card on file may help resolve the issue by avoiding a dispute before it even happens.

* User verification does not imply that WireBids endorses or guarantees the user’s activity. It only means that the user has taken extra steps to provide identifying information to WireBids which may be shared with a seller in case of default.

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