4 Top Packaging Trends for 2019

Last month, Mintel released their Global Packaging Trends 2019 report. WireBids has gathered the highlights for you.

Mintel is the world’s leading market intelligence agency and releases an annual report with “comprehensive consumer research, in-depth packaging analysis, and industry and brand examples that support the future impact of the trends.”

1. Connected Packaging

Interactive elements are nothing new to packaging. QR codes and RFID scanners have been used to drive engagement and sales before.

But Connecting with the consumer directly continues to be a trend that can’t be overlooked. Snapcodes, Bluetooth, and Augmented Reality are saturating the market to establish new marketing opportunities.

This means that for the brand, they have the opportunity to connect in an online space, learning more about their consumers and allowing them to more closely measure campaign performance.

As a printer, understanding new strategies that brands and clients are looking for gives the chance to expand business and meet a higher demand.

2. Sustainability Awareness

With consumers already thinking that recyclable packaging is standard, brands have an opportunity to ride consumer awareness of recycling issues by being part of the solution and committing to using recycled material in new packaging

Sustainability has been on the mind of every industry. Consumers are going to be more likely to trust and use (meaning purchase) products that are packaged with recycled content.

3. Next Gen Packaging

E -Commerce is anticipated to grow to over $3.8 TRILLION by 2021. Which means, consumer demand is booming with the packaging industry. Keep up by utilizing the best and newest innovations and technology. Reinvent the box keeping up with packaging trends through sustainability, efficiency, and printing methods.

4. Paper-Driven, Plastic-Free

Did you think that Mintel’s report was already focused enough on sustainability yet? Nope. There’s more.

Brands should act now, either to ensure a place in emerging plastic-free zones by switching to acceptable pack materials, or by engaging with the debate, clearly explaining the benefits of plastic packaging to their product and addressing plastic pollution concerns with appropriate end-of-life pack solutions.

Eliminating single-use plastics is a major concern for any company. In the UK, 47% of adults stated that single-use plastics alone were the largest environmental issue today! Plastic-free shopping is on the rise, for instance there’s the entire state of California banning plastic shopping bags, Whole Foods running paper only, even McDonalds is working to reduce their plastic straw use.

What do you think? Are you in the packaging business and looking to make a change?

You can read the full Mintel Packaging Trends report here.

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