Buy / Sell

Reach buyers online with WireBids. We are committed to offering the best service. More than 10,000 bidders will be able to place bids on your auction. Whether you have a warehouse full of equipment or just a few pieces, we will walk you through every step.

It only takes a minute to register. You don’t need an account to view auctions but you will need an account to bid. WireBids users can bookmark lots, view their bids and edit their profiles.

How It Works

An independent seller posts the auction on WireBids. You can view the seller’s terms, location and lots on the auction’s main page. If you would like to hold your own auction, please contact us here.

Bidders from all over the world will be able to view and place bids on your auctions. You’ll have the ability to make an auction as private or as public as you like, and govern the auction by your own terms and conditions (as long as they don’t violate ours).