Chandler & Price Platen Presses on WireBids

As many specialty letterpress print shops know, there is still tremendous value in well-built antique letterpress machinery. Chandler and Price Platen Presses are a great example of durable design and manufacturing.


These presses were manufactured in Cleveland from 1887 to 1965, a few miles from the WireBids office. It is estimated that nearly every United States print shop employed at least one of these presses during its heyday.

WireBids frequently auctions Chandler & Price equipment to buyers all over the world. Check out our frequent auctions to score your own Chandler & Price letterpress for your print shop. Once you register, you can often find:

The Table-Top Pilot Press


These machines are perfect for short-run printing jobs. The table-top press is a great tool for learning the art of using a letterpress, printing on sheets up to 12″ wide.

The Old Style Letterpress

As this style press opens, the operator hand feeds a single piece of paper, the press closes and forces an impression onto the paper. The press then opens again for the operator to quickly remove the newly printed paper and insert a new clean sheet. This particular machine show below has a 5:1 gear reducer to slow the press for ease of use.

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History of Auctions

WireBids was founded in 2011, more than 2,500 years after the first auction was recorded.  Buyers of today can bid with a click of a mouse from their car or couch or anywhere in between.

Historians agree that auctions were born in Greece around 500 B.C. Originally used to “sell” women as brides, these auctions began at a high price and descended. Around 30 A.D., the Romans popularized auctions to liquidate family estates, driving spears into the ground instead of hitting the gavel.

Auctions have been a rich part of American history for hundreds of years dating back to the 1600s, when Pilgrims auctioned Native American furs to European merchants. During the Civil War era, Colonels auctioned off seized property and  and surplus. These Auctioneers often stood under a flag and shouted loud and fast- the Colonel name has stuck in some circles.

Zoom forward a few decades, to the 1990s, when internet entered American homes. Suddenly, buyers didn’t need to be present at the auction to place their bids. Auctions could now be broadcasted live or conducted entirely online.

WireBids looks forward to the changing landscape of auctioneering, allowing users to connect with sellers of commercial assets across the globe. Buyers can research lots they are interested in while keeping close tabs on the going price.  Through online timed-auctions,  WireBids brings buyers and sellers together, anywhere, any time.