Don’t miss out on an opportunity to keep tax money in your pocket!

Section 179 – Don’t miss out on an opportunity to keep tax money in your pocket

Did you know that buying used equipment for your business can save you a significant amount off your federal taxes this year? Section 179 of the U.S. tax code is a gift to small business owners who are looking to expand their business by purchasing equipment.

This year, Congress allows business owners to deduct up to $500,000 in qualifying equipment in the year of its purchase, even if you do it on December 31. Under normal circumstances, you’d have to depreciate a long-lived asset over a number of years (for example, a printing press might have a life of 11 years). This law encourages small businesses to expand at a more rapid pace by keeping tax dollars in your pocket.

What’s qualifying equipment? It’s a very broad class of assets both new and used, including:

  • Equipment purchased for business use (e.g, machines)
  • Tangible personal property used in business
  • Business vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating in excess of 6,000 lbs.
  • Computers
  • Computer software (“off the shelf”)
  • Office furniture
  • Office equipment
  • Property attached to the building that isn’t a structural component (commonly known as “fixtures”, like a printing press, air compressor, etc.)
  • Assets with its use split between personal and business use (your deduction will be reduced by the percentage of use time devoted to personal use)

Don’t hesitate—act now to take advantage of this great benefit to small businesses!

Your Questions, Answered: Part 1

I’ve seen this machine listed before? Why is this?

gbc_pro-tech_orca_iii_industrial_laminator_7-71.595fad69e2cbdThere are a few reasons you may see the same piece of equipment listed multiple times. One reason could be that the item was found not to be operational, pulled from the auction, repaired and added to another. Another reason could be because a buyer did not pay for the item or pick it up, despite our zero tolerance non-payment policy. Lastly, the item could have had a reserve that was not met. Sometimes people buy a machine, use it for several years and re sell it on WireBids.

How will I ship my equipment?

This is worked out between the buyer and seller. Many sellers outline how much they will charge to skid or prep the equipment for shipment on the auction’s terms or individual lot page. If not outlined, shipping is often the buyer’s responsibility. In most auctions, bidders can contact the seller directly during the auction to arrange shipping.

What happens if I don’t pay?

WireBids takes nonpayments very seriously. If the seller does not receive payment for your equipment your account will be in jeopardy of immediate removal. In some cases it cannot be helped and we will work the buyer and seller to come to a solution.

Our user-friendly website coupled with our continually growing user base make WireBids the best place to sell your used printing, bindery, mailing and packaging equipment online. Register today for a free account. Call us at (888) 837-8101 or to get started!

WireBids 3.0 Sneak Peak

WireBids’ development team is hard at work on WireBids 3.0 – a new and improved user experience designed to make buying and selling used equipment online even easier than before. Here are a few new features you will see soon:


  1. The ability to browse by product category as we expand into packaging and materials handling equipment.
  2. WireBids 3.0 will offer a “Buy it Now” option on many lots. Bidders will be able to make offers on high value equipment without having to wait for an auction to close.
  3. Sellers will be able to post single pieces of equipment outside of a formal timed auction and control who bids on these pieces through auction registration.

Expect to see these features implemented within the new few months or so. If you have any ideas for features you’d like to see, feel free to let us know! You can reach us at (888) 229-5733 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST or by email at

5 Pieces of Equipment to Make your Next Direct Mailer a Success

Despite the digital direction our world is seemingly headed, direct mail is still an incredibly viable marketing channel. According to, Direct mail outperforms all digital channels combined by nearly 600%. Consumers notice it, read it and hang onto it for far longer than any digital ad.

But what makes a piece of direct mail successful? Marketers agree that a clear, concise call to action is key. Beyond content- what will make your direct mail piece stand out against the clutter of bills, magazines and letters. What equipment is necessary to make a splash? Tabbers, presses, laminators- you can find it ALL on WireBids. 

Digital Presses

IndigoDigital presses make it easy to create customizable short-run jobs. These presses are perfect for targeted brochures and postcards. Quick turn-around times and quality color accuracy make these the workhorses of the direct mail industry. Used digital presses such as the HP Indigo and the Presstek DI are a hot commodity on WireBids. Click here to check out what kinds of used digital printing presses up for auction.

UV Coaters

UVUV coating is a cost effective way to make your mail piece stand out. UV coatings provide multiple options, from gloss to matte and satin finish to protect your marketing message. These machines apply ultraviolet coating to the printed surface, such as card stock or thin paper. The coating cures when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. This technique is perfect for postcards, business cards, catalogs and beyond. The Digicoaters Premier K2 and the Tec Lighting Xtra Coat are popular choices. Click here to view the used UV coaters we currently have up for auction.


Laminators increase the durability of your direct mail piece, offering protection from rain, wear and tear. Lamination truly preserves the message your company spends hours producing. There are two main types of lamination: hot lamination and cold lamination. 

Hot laminators use heat rollers to melt glue onto lamination film. This film is then applied to the paper or card stock with pressure rollers. Cold laminators use a plastic film coated on one side with an adhesive. The other side is glossy. When this glossy side is remover, the paper sticks directly to the adhesive. Click here to view the used laminators WireBids currently has available for purchase.

Envelope Printers

Envelope printers greatly improve the speed and efficiency of direct mail production. Envelope presses allow you to print on multiple sizes of envelopes, something sure to differentiate your mailer among the rest. Over-sized envelopes allow you to add special graphics and larger sales messages- right on the envelope. Check out our used envelope printers here. AB Dick 350 Envelope presses are a popular choice for direct mailers.



These machines automatically apply tabs and seals to a variety of stocks, such as newsletters and booklets, securing pages for easy mailing. These tabs can be personalized by job, applying a seal with speed and accuracy. Choose from clear, paper or translucent tabs for greater impact. WireBids frequently offers used Accufast KT2s and Astro ATS-800s for all of your tabbing needs. Click here to view your current used tabbing options.
Whether you are looking for a UV coater or a digital press, you can find it on WireBids. We hold multiple auctions a month to provide you with the quality used equipment you need to run your business. Call us at (888) 229-5733 is you do not find what you are looking for. We’d be happy to help you track something down.

3 Resources to Learn about the Printing Industry

Print Media Center

Print Media Center fosters communication within the industry. Their website is full of up-to the minute information on innovation and technology mixed with colorful content from thought leaders. They host a weekly #PrintChat on twitter, where industry leaders share their smarts about printing in an informal, fast paced discussion. Check out their global directory of all things printing.

Printing Impressions

Printing Impressions bills itself as “America’s Most Influential and Widely Read resource for the Printing Industry.” The organization highlights case studies, technological advancements trends throughout the graphic arts industry. Check out Julie Greenbaum’s “The Week that Was” where she highlights industry news and acquisitions.

Printing Industries of America

Printing Industries of America is the largest graphic arts trade association in the United States. The organization is dedicated to the advancement of the printing industry through research and education. WireBids is a member of the Ohio and Northern Kentucky chapter.  We’ve learned a lot as an organization through chapter meetings and roundtables. Click here to find a chapter in your area.

Bonus: YOU!

We are constantly learning from WireBids buyers and sellers. Our users are always alerting us of news in the equipment industry and sharing their successes with us. Contact us at (888) 229-5733 to learn how you can hold your own auction. Whether you have an entire shop or a few pieces, we will showcase your equipment to more than 10,000 users. We offer competitive rates and multi-channel advertising opportunities to get you the best price for your machinery. 

Cleveland Startup WireBids Helps Keeps Print Alive through Online Auction Platform.

WireBids is an online auction platform connecting buyers and sellers of used printing and bindery equipment all over the globe. This spring, the company will expand into the used packaging equipment industry.

Founders Christian Carson and Christopher Boggs saw the value in creating an auction platform to bring buyers and sellers together online. In 2011, the options available to auction used equipment were sparse. eBay was designed for small commercial transactions, not specialized equipment worth thousands. 

2011 saw the printing industry decline roughly 20%.  The industry was in the process of liquidation. The recession meant that businesses cut back on advertising and many print shops were forced to close their doors. WireBids found a way to save these assets from the junkyard through its dynamic auction platform. Equipment seekers from 152 countries can now secure quality used equipment at an affordable price, all online.

“We wanted to offer better service than the others. We offer targeted marketing for our clients and answer our phones. A lot of these Silicon Valley tech companies are trying to eliminate humans from the process. We’re doing the opposite, says Carson, a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Law.  “This is high stakes. You can’t leave it to an algorithm. When clients spend thousands on equipment to grow their business they expect you to pick up the phone.”

WireBids is hoping to deliver the same level of customer service and enthusiasm as it expands into the used packaging equipment industry.
Contact us for more information on buying and selling your commercial assets. WireBids is always happy to hear from used equipment dealers and printers looking to auction equipment.

10 Quick Tips for Selling your Used Printing Equipment with WireBids

  1. Look around your print shop. Is there any under-utilized equipment? What about machines used for accounts you no longer service? Look for anything taking up more space than necessary. We can help you sell it in your own auction.

  2. If you’ve recently upgraded your equipment through a purchase or WireBids or elsewhere, you can auction your old equipment in one of our monthly consignment auctions.


  3. Once you’ve outlined which pieces you will be auctioning it is time to take photos that really showcase your equipment. Take photos of all the components, rollers, blades, perf wheels, anything that your buyers will need to see before they bid. We have seen it proven time and time again- the better the photos, the better the closing price. Try taking a video of your equipment in action. Quality photos go a long way, in many cases resulting in the difference of thousands of dollars.

  4. Help your buyers see the value of your equipment by providing equipment specifications. They’ll want to know things like total impression count, maximum sheet size and electrical requirements. Think about what YOU would want to know about a piece of equipment before you buy it- and tell your buyers. They’ll thank you for it.

  5. Indicate your equipment’s condition. Provide a service history where possible. List all recent repairs and upgrades.

  6. List included accessories so your buyers know the value they are getting with your equipment. Extra blades, extra rollers, cutting sticks, anything that would increase the value of your lots.

  7. Provide user manuals. We can try to find them online, but a paper copy is always helpful when buying used equipment.


  8. Let your buyers know of any costs associated with packaging the equipment for pickup or shipment. How much will you charge to palletize or crate the item? Do you have a loading dock or a forklift on site? Will you help the buyer arrange shipping or is this their responsibility? Spell out every detail before the auction so buyers have a better idea of shipping costs. They’ll bid higher if they have a clearer picture of how much it will cost to bring the equipment to their shop floor.

  9. Make yourself available for questions during the auctions. Many buyers wait until the last minute to inquire about equipment condition or shipping costs. Answering these questions in a timely manner helps the auction run smoothly.

  10. Lastly, tell your friends about us! We’re always looking to hear from used equipment dealers and print shop owners looking to liquidate. WireBids offers excellent support for both buyers and sellers. Our user-friendly website coupled with our continually growing user base make WireBids the best place to sell your used printing, bindery, mailing and packaging equipment online. Register today for a free account. Call us at (888) 837-8101 or to get started!

A Brief History of Bindery Equipment

Before books there were scrolls, before scrolls there were tablets. Circa 100 BCE, Early books were bound in India by threading leather cord or twine through holes in multiple layers of palm leaves or bark. But how did we make the leap from scratching scriptures onto palm leaves to the ornate books and bindery techniques we see today?

palmleaf2_mc78E_6648Book covers evolved from goat leather to pigskin, vellum and calf leather. Pasteboard covers did not catch on until the 1500s. Cloth book covers came about in the 1800s when British publishers began wrapping pasteboard in fabric to be stamped. This is the first instance of automation in book bindery.

Although the perfect binding technique was developed in the late 1800s, it did not rise to popularity until the 1930s when the first paperback books were developed. This cold-glue method quickly caught on and spread from Germany to England to the United States. The hot glue method was developed by the Dupont company in the 1940s, resulting in a more durable and long  lasting book.

The 1950s gave rise to plastic comb binding in offices across the United States. Companies began binding their own documents and reports using spiral binding. In the late 1960s, David McConnell Smyth invented a sewing machine specifically for book bindery. The “Smyth sewing” technique involved sewing through the fold of smaller booklets, then binding them together to form a thicker spine. This method is still widely used today.


img_9879.525c3c0be7788Perfect bind technology continued to evolve through the 1980s and beyond. Polyurethane Reactive glue was developed in the 1989 and quickly proved superiority over EVA, which tended to crumble over time.

Many would tell you that book bindery is falling away as e-books rise to popularity. Recent data would suggest otherwise. According to CNN, e-book sales dropped 17% in the UK while physical book sales climbed by 7% this same period.

Whether you are looking for a coil binder or a perfect binder, you can find it on WireBids. We hold multiple auctions a month to provide you with the quality used equipment you need to run your business.

Sell your Used Printing, Bindery, Packaging and Mailing Equipment with WireBids

Selling on WireBids is easy! More than 10,000 bidders across the globe will be able to view and place bids- live on our website. WireBids sells equipment directly from one printer’s floor to another, globally and domestically. With no up-front costs- selling equipment online has never been easier.

Whether you have a warehouse full of equipment or a few pieces, we will walk you through every aspect of your auction, from start to finish. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you develop marketing opportunities to build your brand and drive customers to you.

You will have the ability to govern the auction by your own terms and conditions (as long as they don’t violate ours). Once the auction has ended, WireBids will automatically generate invoices for your customers. You’ll collect the money.

We offer:

  • Free appraisal of your equipment based on a long history of selling equipment online. We can help you asses the value of your stock.
  • Free live support for both buyers and sellers.
  • A prime listing right on the front page of our website, plus a featured slide in our banner.
  • Customized email campaigns to reach customers across the globe. Our proprietary list includes more than 8,000 opt-in users and more than 60,000 industry leaders. We’ll get you noticed.
  • Free advertisements on trade websites and auction directories.
  • Fast technology with up to the second updates. See who is bidding in real time.

Brands we frequently sell:

Heidelberg, Ryobi, Challenge, Horizon, GBC, Baum, Stahl, Xerox, Polar, Horizon, AB Dick, Konica Minolta, Canon, Pitney Bowes, Duplo, Bourg, Xante, Rosback, Eastey, Martin Yale, Kluge, Chandler and Price, Astro, Epson, HP, Kirk Rudy, Agfa, Yale, Sakurai, Secap, Graphic Whizard, Hamada, Harris, Seal, Halm, Itek, Rollem, Chief, Morgana, Oki, FujiFilm and more

Equipment we frequently sell:

Offset presses, digital presses, paper cutters, plate setters, envelope feeders, paper folders, UV coaters, business card slitters, collators, stitchers, trimmers, letterpresses, die cutters, perfect binders, screen press, wide format printers, laminators, shrink wrappers, coil inserters, punches, joggers, inserters, sealers and more

You can reach us at 888-229-5733 or by email at to begin selling your used printing and bindery equipment today!

Updated Privacy Policy

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1.     What information we collect from you.

We will ask you for an email and password, name, address and phone number We may also ask for credit card information or a scan of an unexpired government-issued photo identification. We may ask you for any or all of this information upon account registration, through separate email or phone communications, or through a response form contained on our website.

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Sellers are independent of WireBids. We do not control the auction content or the contracting process. WireBids will provide your personal information to the seller to allow the seller to screen and approve bidders. You agree to allow and direct WireBids to disclose your personal information to sellers. Although we admonish sellers to maintain a privacy policy of their own, we do not separately warrant against seller misuse of your information, and you agree to release WireBids from any liability incurred by a seller’s privacy policy or lack thereof.

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