What to Look for When Purchasing Pre-Owned Equipment

As we know, buying equipment online can be an arduous process. What if the equipment hasn’t been taken care of properly? What if the press is not as described?

WireBids carefully curates each auction to ensure your time is well spent, bidding on quality equipment at competitive prices. But how can you be sure a press or a paper cutter is up to your standards?

Many of our sellers offer inspection times when you can come inspect equipment for yourself. We recommend contacting the seller if you need more information on a piece of equipment.

The seller will be the expert when it comes to impression counts, maintenance records and parts that have been replaced. You’ll never know unless you ask! Well informed consumers make better decisions. You can find the seller’s contact information on the Auction’s main page.

For many of these presses, it is important to note that the mileage and use of a machine is more telling than the age of the equipment. Dependable brands like Heidelberg and Challenge stand the test of time as long as they are cared for properly. When in doubt, ask the seller.

Quality equipment pays for itself over and over. Buying equipment on WireBids is hardly a gamble. We cut down on the clutter by offering only the finest products for your print shop. To check out our latest auctions and offerings, click here.

How will I ship my equipment?

Many  WireBids bidders express concern about finding a reliable rigger to transport their used printing and bindery across the country. We have compiled a list of reputable riggers by region for you to contact regarding loading, rigging and shipping your used equipment. Give them a call before your auction ends.


Walker Brothers Machinery Moving, Inc. – Anaheim, CA, Fontana, CA

California Machinery Movers – Southern California

Lawson Dryage, Inc – Hayward, CA


H. Brown Inc. – Unice, LA

Continental Machinery Movers – Nashville, TN

ChrisCo Machinery, Inc. – Liberty, NC

T&D Machine Handling, Inc – Alpharetta, GA

Ft. Launderdale Transfer – Southern Florida


Arthur C. Lamb Co. Inc. – Canton, MA

Clancy Relocation and Logistics – New York and Connecticut

Industrial Transfer & Storage, Inc. – Southbridge, MA

A&A Machinery Moving and Sales – Morrisville, PA

Russell-Stimpson – Wilmington, MA


Diamond Rigging Corp. – Batavia, IL

Hennes Services – West Milwaukee, WI

Ed Regan Printing Machinery Movers – Indiana

Dobson Industrial Inc. – Bay City, MI

American Industrial Werks, Inc. – Schaumburg, IL

Phoenix Machinery Movers, Inc. – Shelby Township, MI

5 Tips for Getting the Best Price Possible for your Used Printing and Bindery Equipment

Selling used printing and bindery equipment with WireBids is easy. Our user-friendly platform connects you with a global audience of enthusiastic and loyal buyers online. Here are some tips to make sure you get the best price for your used printing press or paper folder:

Quality Photographs

Well-lit, detailed photographs go a long way. The more photos the better. In one extreme case, a lot with 48 quality photographs sold for $13,000 more than the exact same piece of equipment that only listed 3 general photos. Include pictures of the serial number plate where possible.



WireBids has found that adding a video to your listings improves bids exponentially. Lots with videos of the equipment in action fetch better prices and receive more bids than lots without videos. Videos offer bidders assurance on the quality of the machine and add transparency about potential flaws. Take a short video yourself- we can help you upload it!

Quality Descriptions

Transparency is key when selling used equipment. Quality listings indicate any necessary repairs, number of impressions and other pertinent details. Buyers will bid more if they know the the machine has new rollers, an up-to-date service history or has been recently refurbished.

Shipping Information

Sellers who spell out shipping costs also garner higher prices. Listing palatalizing and estimated freight costs gives piece of mind to bidders who may be hesitant on purchasing equipment located on the opposite end of the  country. No one wants to buy a machine for a great price only to find that shipping it would cost an arm and a leg.

Good Communication

Reaching out to your buyers soon after the auction closes decreases the chances of a non-payment. Speaking with the buyers right after the auction ensures you can reach out to back-bidders in the event of a non-payment before they have a chance to purchase a similar machine elsewhere.

Call us at (888) 229-5733 or email sarah@wirebids.com today to sell your equipment with WireBids.

Shipping Canadian Printing Equipment: A quick guide

Buying Canadian equipment is easier than you’d think. There are a number of generally low filing fees that the shipper may pay.

International Commercial Terms (INCO) in the contract will define liability at each step. The two most common types are FCA and EXW.

FCA: “Free Carrier”: The seller delivers the goods to the carrier or another person nominated by the buyer at the seller’s premises or another named place. The parties are well advised to specify as clearly as possible the point within the named place of delivery, as the risk passes to the buyer at that point.

EXW: “Ex Works”: The seller delivers when it places the goods at the disposal of the buyer at the seller’s premises or at another named place (i.e.,works, factory, warehouse, etc.). The seller does not need to load the goods on any collecting vehicle, nor does it need to clear the goods for export, where such clearance is applicable.

WireBids requires our Canadian sellers to provide buyers with a commodity code to determine duties. This commodity code can be found on the United States Census Bureau website.

Common Commodity Codes

 34992: Bookbinding, Type Foundry, Typesetting or Printing Machinery

34519: Lifting, Handling, Loading or Unloading Machinery

38220: Photocopying, Thermo Copying

34320: Air Pumps, Vacuum Pumps

When in doubt, contact the seller. Please call us at 888-229-5733 if you have any questions.

Top 5 Printing Industry LinkedIn Groups

unnamedLinkedIn is a business-oriented social media platform used for networking. The platform has more than 450,000,000 members interacting with more joining every day.

Beyond forging individual connections, members can join groups to connect with others in the industry. Groups allow you to introduce yourself and engage in valuable discussions in an informal setting.

Follow our LinkedIn page for auction updates and news.

Here is a list of our favorite printing industry networking groups:

Print Industry Networking Group

Comprised of print buyers, distributors, brokers, supplies and more, this is the place to source jobs, share advice and meet others in the field. This group is by far the largest, at 72,778 members. Members from across the world post valuable content with great frequancy.

Printing Industries of America Networking Group

This group focuses on advocacy, education, research and information on the printing industry. More than 30,000 members discuss trade shows, marketing strategies and more. This group’s discussion board remains very active.


This group serves as the LinkedIn hub for the PrintPlanet forum. This group is for printing and graphic communications professionals interested in discussing industry issues, insights and strategies. This group has more than 11,000 members.

Printing Impressions

This group was created by the Printing Impressions Publishing Group, the publishers behind Printing Impressions, Package Printing and In-plant Graphics magazines. This group is focused on expanding technology and the latest industry news.

Girls Who Print
Created exclusively for women of the industry, this informal group has more than 5,000 active members. National Girls Who Print Day is in Orlando Florida this year and much of the discussion is centered around this event.