What To Do When Your Auction Ends

As a seller, when your lot closes, there are a few steps that you are responsible for taking.

First things first, you probably want to know how much your lot closed at. You can view all invoices at your Sales Dashboard.

To access, simply select “Sales” in the My WireBids drop down selection.

Here is a full chronological listing of all existing sales and invoices that you have made as a Seller.

The invoice dashboard will show you your customer’s full contact information, as well as their winning bids and full balance due. The invoice you see here has been automatically sent to your buyer.

WireBids recommends not waiting for your Buyer to contact you! Reach out to your Buyers as soon as possible to arrange Shipping and Payment.

Contact your Buyer via phone or email listed. If you do not hear from them right away, give them 24 hours before following up, or contact sales@wirebids.com if you have concerns or reservations about the sale.

If you are charging shipping fees, you can add or edit the fee and send an updated invoice to your buyer at any time.

Here, you can also mark the item as having shipped and include any notes or tracking numbers, which will be visible to the Buyer after selecting “Save Changes”.

If you charge any crating or palletizing fees, you can use the “Edit Packaging” option as a place to add any packaging charges, separate from shipping.

What if my buyer backs out of a lot?

No one likes to cancel a sale. But, the invoice dashboard at least makes it easy to organize your sales and allows for cancellations for both your and the buyer’s records. If you have a buyer that backs out of one of the lots they purchased, removing that lot is made easy by simply selecting “Edit Lots”, and “Removing”.

Contact WireBids to let us know! We can also reach out to a Backup Bidder on the lot to see if they are still interested in the item.

Having trouble collecting?

If you are having trouble collecting payment or contacting your buyer, reach out to WireBids and we can attempt to contact the buyer on your behalf to resolve the dispute. WireBids takes nonpayments seriously, and multiple nonpayments may result in the user’s account being flagged, and possibly place their account status under review.

I got paid! Now what?

Sellers can, and are encouraged, to log any payments directly into the system by selecting “Add Payment”. This avoids confusion with your buyers and establishes better relationships with a higher level of trust because it lets buyers know that their money is being taken care of. You can log partial or full payments, as well as notes on the payments for your records.

Any time a change is recorded in the invoice dashboard, an updated invoice is sent to the user and recorded in the left hand column with a timestamp, so you always know when the buyer received an update. If you do not hear back from your buyer, or they request a new invoice, you can resend an updated invoice through the “Actions” column drop down function. An updated invoice will be sent to the Buyer with the time sent recorded in the left-hand column.

Once you have received all payments, notify WireBids so that we can send you a completed invoice.

If we do not hear from you, you will be invoiced for the Buyer’s Premium on all lots listed.

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